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Excellent product. In house brand is great quality. Customer service is unmatched. Ednis is a standout. You can't go anywhere else. Fluresh is the spot in GR.


Excellent customer service!! They know how to quickly rectify a mistake!! JP was also very kind and friendly!! :)


Love it the best quick fast service nice cool peoples


I love going to flourish. All I have to do is order from the website and in a matter of minutes I get a return text stating that it’s ready to come and get so I drive a few miles that it takes to get there and pull up to the door and a person comes out. I give them my ID and the cash and they bring back the product definitely feels w


They suck,I placed a order for delivery at 330 only to call them at 845 just to be told I won't be getting my delivery today had me waiting all day for nothing,I literally live less than a mile away but ig that don't matter

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